The Xenomorph Hive is an intricate network of resin barricades, weeds, nests, and usually, eggs. It's where larvae should stay while developing and where the queen should stay, unless she wants to go to combat.

Weednode Alien Weeds

Probably the most important component of any hive, alien weeds can be planted by almost any form of Xenomorph. They are very, very useful, as they provide Plasma and can heal aliens. They cost 50 Plasma to plant, and a purple sac (which is black. wat) forms where you plant it, from which the weeds can grow

Resinwall Resin Walls

Useful for cover and barricades, these walls can be placed just about anywhere. Good for keeping threats out and hosts in.

Resindoor Resin Doors

Also useful for cover and barricades, these doors can be used as walls, but Xenomorphs can pass through them by walking into them or clicking on them with the 'Help' intent.

Nest Resin Nests

Very useful for keeping pesky moving hosts secure. Resin nests can walked over by anybody, but have a use beyond simple barricading. These nests can be used by aliens to secure hosts, similar to the way a chair works (Drag the host's sprite onto the nest's). Hosts can resist being secured using the Resist verb. Human players can pull others out of the nests by clicking on the nests.

Royaljelly Royal Jelly

This useful substance can only be created by the Queen, and is used to evolve past the normal castes. It will start the Royal Jelly saturation cycle, which allows drones to evolve to spitters, sentinals to praetorians, etc. The queen will normally lay some in the hive. If there isn't any, and you want to evolve beyond the starting castes, ask the queen to make some for you.

Alien-Egg Eggs

These are the basis of the whole hive, the hive's future, the only way to infect hosts. Like royal jelly, these eggs can only be laid by the Queen. These eggs produce facehuggers, and take about a minute to grow. When a host is near a facehugger on the ground, the facehugger will move towards the host and infect it with an alien embryo that will kill the hosts and crate a larva after 5-10 minutes. Any alien (Except larvae,) can remove a facehugger from a grown egg by clicking the egg. To make space for new eggs, simply click an egg that's already been opened, and it will vanish. Also the eggs will open and a hugger will emerge when a suitable host walks near them but its slow so they will probally notice it.