The Colonial Marines are equipped with the best equipment around, well with what a couple thousand credits can buy, at least. They have a load-out of a lot of equipment.


The marines get the choice of five weapons. They range from pistol to a heavy M41A. The marines get equipped with guns for any situation they encounter, no matter what the threat will be.

M4A3 Service Pistol - This is pistol that the marines have a choice to take, it is the standard pistol of many law enforcement space officers that are on duty. It uses .45-S and the magazine holds 12 bullets. It does 25 brute damage. (Stechtkin on TG)

44 Magnum - This is the Smith and Wesson model 10 victory revolver. This revolver is the standard side arm for military officers. It uses .38-S and holds 7 bullets. It does 45 brute damage per hit. (Mateba on TG)

M39 SMG - The Heckler and Koch MP5. This is the standard sub-machine gun of military soldiers. It uses 9mm special rounds, and holds 30 bullets. It does 20 brute damage per hit. (Sprite is changed from a Sub Machine Gun on TG)

M41A Rifle - This is the standard pulse rifle used by many military forces around the universe. It uses 10mm special rounds and holds 30 pulse shots. It does 30 brute damage per shot hit. (Changed from a C20r, stats were modified on TG)

M37 Pump Action Shotgun - Marine version of the Remington model 870. It holds uses shotgun special shells and holds 8 rounds. It does 80 damage per hit. (Riot Shotgun on TG)

L6 Saw - A rather traditionally made light machine gun with a pleasantly lacquered wooden pistol grip. Uses a762 ammo. Holds 50 bullets. Does 25 brute damage. (damage may be incorrect, value is taken from CM source code on 4/16/2015)


Marine Armor - This armor protects from most damage.

Jumpsuit - This can vary depending on the current squad.

Gloves - Tactical gloves that are colored for the squad.

Marine Belt - It holds ammo. Yeah not that helpful for shotguns.

Flashlight - For dark places, preventing the marines from going crazy.

Sunglasses -To walk away and look cool. To prevent crew or enemies from flashing you.

Jackboots - These boots prevent marines from slipping and getting a concussion.

Helmet - To protect marine's heads. (Only pussies wear these)