Note: the Commander of the NMV Sulaco and its marines are not above the marine law and code of conduct. Current laws apply to all personnel, save for higher military officials from Nanotrasen or unless stated otherwise.

Current marine lawsEdit

Sentence Description Punishment
Insubordination Failing to follow a legitimate order from a superior. 5 minutes
Damage to Government Property Damaging the ship or making unauthorized modifications to it during peacetime. 5 minutes
Neglect of duty Failure to perform their role to an acceptable standard. For example, a Commander failing to properly organize and ensure his personnel are given orders. Demotion/removal of command (if squad leader+), Up to 25 minutes
Trespassing Unauthorized access of an area restricted by Command personnel or an area which a person does not have access to. 10 minutes.
Contraband To retain possession of, distribute, or use contraband items, including drugs and non-standard Nanotrasen issued equipment. 10 minutes, confiscation of contraband items.
Assault To threaten or use physical force against someone without intent to kill. 15 minutes.
Assault with a deadly weapon To enact physical force against someone with a lethal weapon, such as a sidearm, blade, or rifle. 30 minutes
Murder To attempt or succeed in the attempts of killing someone with malicious intent. Execution or permanent detention
Manslaughter To be the cause of another persons death without malicious intent. Demotion/removal of command (if squad leader+), 45 minutes
Mutiny To attempt or succeed at overpowering or overthrowing a commanding officer. Execution or permanent detention
Terrorist Collaboration To act as an enemy to the corporation or engage in acts that attempt to hurt or endanger the corporation. Execution or permanent detention
Sexual assault To attempt to or succeed in the acts of assaulting another person sexually, including rape. Execution or permanent detention.

Military Officers and military law enforcement agents are expected to use their best discretion when applying sentences and apprehending those who violate the above laws. Failure to do so will result in immediate contract termination at the discretion of Central Command military officials.