• Outordinary

    First of all, let me start this by saying I am in no way a master at playing alien. I know quite a few tricks and tips that I hardly see used in game, but with the fast pace of battle people forget sometimes.

    •If you are a starter drone, PLEASE Ahelp if you are just going to go braindead. You are a shitter if you just gimp everyone else by leaving. At least allow someone who wanted to be alien to spawn. AND TURN PREFS OFF IF YOU DON’T WANT ALIEN.

    •As a starter drone, remember there are only survivors who know of your presence on the station. As such, Always go out and spread weeds/break lights. Check the macro page for a nightvision toggle macro. Use that shit to see the way humans see and find any active lights. No weeds=No healing on the g…

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