• Sargeantmuffinman

    A combat medic is someone who fights in the battle while also treating wounds.(AKA saving someones ass while kicking ass)

    First you need to be a medic which is very obvious.Take the medkits and equipment that you would need:

    • Medkit
    • Toxin
    • Advanced
    • Oxygen
    • Quick-clot
    • Health HUD
    • Surgery kit (If you know what to do)
    • Defibrillator
    • Stasis bag

    Be VERY careful becasue everyone might think you are a surgon aswell (with the surgery kit you can be one)

    Next you need atleast 3 ranged weapons cause if you lose one you got 2 more due to aliens pouncing on you(also good if another person loses his/her weapon):

    • Pistol
    • Your weapon of choice
    • Your weapon of choice

    Have your entire team prioriitze you as a VIP casue you could be the only medic in your squad AND the only perso‚Ķ

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